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6 Key Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency in the Yachting Industry

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We all know that we use recruitment agencies to help crew find jobs and help boats find crew; that is obvious. However, few people fully understand the benefits of using recruiters when searching for jobs or crew.

This post will highlight the value of using recruiters from the perspective of yacht crew and yachts looking to hire crew. From speeding up the initial learning process to matching the right crew to the right boat, using recruiters with firsthand experience in the industry makes the whole hiring process much easier.

1. Reliable Information for Greenies and Seasoned Crew

Getting into the yachting industry can be daunting. It is an entirely new world. No one teaches you about the yachting industry when you're at school, and it is not a common career path. Therefore, finding credible information about the industry and how to get started isn't easy. Yacht recruiters like Compass Rose Crew provide an invaluable source of information for new crew getting into the industry. Check out our Green Crew Hub.

If you've decided that you want to join yachting, the first few questions you will face are: what qualifications do I need to meet the minimum requirements for working on yachts? The maritime industry is highly regulated, and for good reason; the ocean can be a dangerous place to be. Different governing bodies, yacht manufacturers, yacht crew, and flag states all have to come together to ensure that vessels are being built, operated, and crewed correctly. Course requirements vary based on different factors, including the size of the vessel. Knowing the basics of this information is important for your yachting career. Having the support of a recruitment agent with industry knowledge is extremely helpful when starting out in the industry.

Regulations and paperwork aside, you may be wondering what it is actually like to work and live at sea (Below Deck is not the best indicator). What salaries should you realistically expect? Where will you go? The stack of questions that come to mind when considering a life at sea is never-ending. A lot of recruitment companies have great information available on their websites that cover these topics and more. See Life At Sea Blog page.

2. Use a Recruitment Agencies to Find the Right Boat

So now that you have learned all about what courses are required, what kind of work is available, where you could travel, and some insight into what the industry is like, you're probably extremely excited. The next step is to find work.

Recruiters will teach you tips and tricks of the industry, like where to find work, what to wear, and what would be expected of you on your first day of work. They will spend time going through your CV and interviewing you to get a really good idea of who you are as a person. Because these agents have years of experience in the industry, they can form a pretty good idea of what boat would be best suited to you.

I can't overstate the importance of this: boats vary greatly in the way they are run, and some boats suit some people while others don't. Finding the right boat for you can be make or break; it is the difference between someone who spends four months in the industry and never comes back or someone who commits to yachting and succeeds in the industry. Recruiters know a lot about different boats and can advise you on boats that have a good name in the industry as well as which boats to avoid.

3. Career Guidance

Once you are working on yachts, you may start thinking about career progression. Getting advice from people who have gone through the ranks will help you make decisions earlier in your career to set you up for success.

You will gain information on what senior roles are available, what it is like to be in those positions, salary and leave expectations, and what courses you will have to do to get there. The team at Compass Rose Crew have all spent years in the yachting industry and have all reached the top of their relevant departments.

Who better to seek advice from than someone who has been there and done it?

Take a look at the training schools Compass Rose Crew support and have used themselves on their career guidance page.

4. Long-Term Success

Developing a professional relationship with yacht recruiters is a huge plus. By staying in contact with agents, updating them on your availability and what boats you've been working on, you can develop a professional relationship. This way, the agent will have a much better idea of who you are. This helps in two ways: firstly, you will be front of mind when recruiters have a job for your position; secondly, recruiters will be better equipped to match you to boats that suit you.

This works both ways as well. As you progress in the yachting industry, you may find that you are in a hiring position. Using a recruiter that you know and trust, having developed a relationship over the years, will make the hiring process a breeze.

For yachts looking to hire crew, the benefits of using a recruitment agent are just as significant as for crew. Here are some benefits of using a recruitment agent to look for crew:

5. Hiring Efficiency

Most yachts are extremely busy. Yard periods, crossings, and busy seasons don't leave much time for recruitment. Recruitment is a time-consuming and potentially frustrating process. Using a recruitment agent saves days and potentially weeks of work looking for crew and conducting interviews.

6. Finding the Right Crew

Recruitment should not be taken lightly. Each crew member plays a vital role in the atmosphere and productivity onboard. Hiring the wrong person could lead to a serious headache down the line.

Recruiters spend hours going through CVs, contacting people, checking qualifications, checking references, and forming lists of different types of candidates. Recruiters are professionals at vetting people, and recruiters with yachting experience know exactly what you need when it comes to a new crew.



Using a recruitment agent offers significant benefits for both yacht crew and yachts. Recruiters streamline the hiring process, matching the right crew with the right boats, whilst saving valuable time. They provide up to date industry knowledge and career guidance for greenies and seasoned crew alike.

For crew members, recruiters offer valuable support and insights, helping navigate industry regulations and career planning. For yachts, recruiters efficiently handle the task of finding suitable crew, ensuring a positive onboard environment.


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